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It is good to build a compelling image and brand strategy if you have seen Vu while looking for a Consultant.

Because while the brand world in particular and the group of consultants, branding agencies across the country, in general, are still running after glamour, aesthetics, and professionalism. Vu chose a more unfamiliar, more challenging path. However, in return, it served this team’s vision: “Developing the national economy as well as people’s lives through accompanying and successfully building Vietnamese brands.”

That is the path built, pursued, and endorsed by Efficiency. In the working spirit maintained by Creativity, Companion and Efficiency, at Vu, we do not aim for the growth trap of ourselves or the financial capacity of our customers.

Instead, Vu aims to build a compelling image, strategy, and brand awareness. Build positive consumer awareness, and customers come to your brand. For the brand to be successful, contribute to the national economy in general and be richer in humanistic meaning, it can also contribute to improving the quality of life of each Vietnamese person.

The 5T methodology compiled by Vu consists of five stages: Understanding – Discussion – Preparation – Implementation – Convey, which is rooted in understanding, combined with different creative abilities. Vu always finds a competitive advantage in line with the resources of each enterprise.

This methodology guarantees outstanding, sustainable success. The actual results show that the brands that cooperate with Vu all find and own their unique perception in each customer’s mind.

Work with us to save five years, or come back here after five years to work with us.

Our team
Quyen Vu

Quyen Vu

Founder & CEO

Tracy Nguyen

Tracy Nguyen

Account Manager

Phat Doan

Phat Doan

Brand Writer

Vu Huy

Vu Huy

Brand Writer

Tam Vu

Tam Vu

Brand Designer

Wilson Bui

Wilson Bui

Brand Designer

Vu's vision

Enhance economic growth and lives through brand development.

Vu's mission

Re-define obsolete concepts & Create differentiations in every projects.

Vu's Moral Standards

Be Kind

Keep your soul fresh, only then your creativity and knowledge be revealed.

Passion and Responsibility

Contribute with passion. Execute with responsibility.

Be Creative. Be Different. Change the World

Create innovations to prove yourself. Change the world with respect for differences & creativity.

Give our meaningless world a meaning

We believe everything happens for a reason. The results are languages that convey meanings of life and the whole universe.

Community First

Committed not to carrying out projects that have negative impacts on health, mentality, and environment.

Aim for Effectiveness

Aesthetics don’t satisfy us. We focus on effectiveness & improvements, which help brands solve their problems.

Vu's Effective Philosophy

Towards efficiency to successfully build Vietnamese brands, improve the economy’s capacity and improve people’s lives.

With the vision of “Enhance economic growth and lives through brand development,” we want to integrate valuable and positive impacts on the economy in order to spread brand values and help create better lives.

The effectiveness philosophy we believe in

“An event, action or process is effective only when it benefits one person or group of people, but does not harm the interests of any other person or group of people.”

Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923)

& Friendship

Over four years of establishment and development, we are excited since we have the chance to connect, listen to, and understand our partner’s vision and story. It contributes to the relationship between the brand and Vu as friends.

We can replace possessions and aesthetics but cannot replace values and practical solutions that solve our partners’ problems. That’s why we increasingly assert our position.

After each project, we do not say bye hastily and guarantee to accompany our partners on a long journey.

If you want to build a heritage brand with a good influence on the community and values for generations to come, then you have found Vu.

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