“There are two things in life that you need to give without hesitation
KNOWLEDGE and KINDNESS”Quoted from the book "Dòng Sông Chảy Mãi"
by Lawyer Luan Le

What is distribution strategy? Guidelines to build your own strategy

A distribution strategy is a set of documents to implement and orient the process of supplying goods to the market. It includes distribution channel models, guidelines, regulations, and policies. The distribution strategy aims to deliver the product from the factories to consumers. We will share the complete guidelines to help you understand how to combine […]
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What is Graphic Design? 8 essential components of Graphic Design

Graphic design is the process of conveying visual information to the viewer. This article will answer the eternal question: what is Graphic Design? Communication is an essential human need. We communicate our needs and feelings to others, and in return, we also receive information from them. Communication helps people understand each other, thereby collaborating and […]
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What is brand strategy? The 5T model that every business should aim for

Brand strategy is a group of solutions, guidelines, and plans to affirm the brand’s unique position in customers’ minds. However, it does not exceed the available resources of the business. Jessica Walsh – the co-founder of Sagmeister & Walsh, a famous design agency that has worked with Levi’s and Adobe – once said: If no […]
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What is brand positioning? How to have a clear position in the market?

Brand positioning is an individual or organization’s position in the customer’s perception. It helps the brand to distinguish itself from competitors easily. Brand positioning is implemented by marketing strategy, allowing the brand to make a difference. When building a brand, we often hear the phrase brand positioning. But what is it, and how it creates […]
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What is a brand? 5 essential elements to create a strong brand

What is a brand? Brands are customers’ perceptions formed when they use, experience, and interact with the product or services. The stage of digital marketers and digital marketing pursuers is gone. We now live in a time when the comparison between Branding and Marketing has become more balanced than ever. The days when the phrase […]
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