Redesign a workplace design brand
Client Huynchi
Industry Architecture
Location Vietnam
Year 2021
Scope of Works Strategic consulting, brand culture, brand reposition, brand design




Workplace design brand Huynchi and 3 challenges of innovations


The journey of re-branding for the workplace design brand – Huynchi – is a story about the importance of correctly identifying the brand problem.

Workplace design brand Huynchi is not such a popular brand that anyone knows and remembers. Operating for many years in the specific field related to construction and office design, Huynchi is a familiar brand not only for many domestic business models. to the perception of a series of foreign enterprises.

Huynchi 2020 1

Mr. Quyen Vu – founder of Vu Digital – in a meeting with Huynchi members.

Huynchi planned to redesign their identity, and after many considerations (even working with other agencies beforehand), the founders came to Vu Digital with the purpose of long collaboration.


We identified one biggest problem with Huynchi’s identity was the logo. The logo old version was an unnecessary combination of an emblem and a wordmark. 

In detail, the founders decided to create a symbol of the words “Huyn” and “Chi, with an orange background, while they already had the wordmark. This option might help viewers distinguish the brand name, but as we mentioned, it created unnecessary redundancy in terms of content and design.

New Visual Concept

Many other office design brands follow the same path: getting ideas for visuals from office stuff such as tables, chairs, and doorways. We didn’t want to use that tedious approach!

Instead, we considered identity design as the key to opening new chapters in their history. From that point of view, we created a concept based on the act of someone “marking important pages” with a small fold while reading books. The new concept might reduce the smoothness, but whereas, they create a “highlight” in the whole visual system and go along well with other design materials.

Logo Redesign

Vu decided to remove the old emblem and replace it with a more modern and minimal wordmark. To apply the “folded concept,” we arranged folds into each letter of Huynchi’s primary wordmark. The letters have also been adjusted to be neat to retain the folds’ detailed sophistication. 

Another problem is that many clients mispronounce the brand name. Instead of /Huy-n-chi/, they call it /Huynh-chi/, which negatively impacted branding activities. Therefore, we designed the letter “C” with a little different structure. This adjustment helps viewers spell it right since they are now aware that there is punctuation.

Color Palette

Huynchi initially used a gradient (orange to dark red) as their primary color palette. However, these colors were so gentle that they became less attractive than other competitors.

We decided to use only one solid color: Scarlet Red. It proved outstanding when displayed in digital environments (website, social media, etc.) and printed designs (billboards, uniforms, etc.) We also use light gray as another choice in Huynchi’s primary color palette. The gray is applied in the design to create contrast with the Scarlet. Both colors fit well with the brand’s business model and industry. 

The new visual identity of Huynchi ensures a better representation of values, uniqueness, and culture. Huynchi is now different from many competing brands and accurately conveys the brand message to everyone.

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Client: Huynchi
Timeline: 2021

Creative Director: Quyền Vũ
Brand Strategy Consulting: Quyền Vũ
Project Manager: Tracy Nguyễn
Brand Designer: PH Siêu, Nguyễn Vinh Quang
Graphic Designer: Vũ Tâm, Wilson Huy
Motion Design: Tiến Đạt
Content Writer: Đoàn Phát, Vũ Huy

Portfolio Photography: Vũ Studio
Architectural Photography: Huynchi


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