The journey of modernization for an e-commerce brand
Client Mageplaza
Industry E-commerce
Location 100 Church St, Manhattan, New York
Year 2022
Scope of Works Brand identity system design


Mageplaza is the brand distributing products from the world’s leading e-commerce platform Magento.

Mageplaza is a brand founded by Vietnamese people, offering products from the world’s leading e-commerce platform Magento. Since the starting point as a small platform, Mageplaza has become an effective solution in providing extensions – which gives a positive impact on the digitization process of many local and foreign businesses.

Understanding the values and importance of a good brand image in order to compete in the market, the Mageplaza team is determined to embark on a redesign of the brand identity. So, what is the core problems in this re-branding project?



The old version of the Mageplaza logo is designed with a clear direction and story. However, they did not follow visual techniques and common design principles, which led to ineffectiveness in communication. The old color palette did not fit the e-commerce industry, too. Viewers would relate that old color palette to education and health, not a tech brand.

Another problem with the old identity is the typeface they used for the logo. This typeface did not guarantee proportion when combined with the icon. It gave viewers a feeling that there is something wrong, even though they did not know what it really was.


Our solutions

Not only redesigning their logo, we decided to re-create the complete identity of Mageplaza to create an entire group of digital products, including logo, icon, and color palette, which have a sustainable connection. We also aimed to represent the culture and values ​​that the brand brings to its customers and community.

With a desire to change the old thinking of Vietnamese people about the software industry and create a remarkable transformation for the brand in the digital age, we carried out the design process as follows:

The new logo is created with an asymmetrical layout, combined with gradients to create movement. The logo is inspired by the natural DNA structure, the growth of our body tissues, and the infinity symbol.

Colors are also updated to match the orientation and industry. Besides the solid colors, Vu Digital also created a new gradient system that gives viewers a feeling of moving forward to the future. This combination enables the brand to reach mass customers. Most major global tech brands share the same logo design trend, aiming to create flexibility and incorporate powerful, moving elements.

Inspired by the world’s top brands, Vu Digital’s team created an entirely new brand identity for Mageplaza with the main emphasis on logo design. We chose to eliminate the traditional frameworks to create a stylized M&A icon, combining the effect of cyclical and non-stop motion to represent the digital value of Mageplaza.

There are changes to the primary font and color to fit the brand’s personality and culture. Now when looking at Mageplaza’s new brand identity, you can tell what their business is without doubting and confusion among other business models.



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Client: Mageplaza
Agency: Vũ Digital
Timeline: 2022


Creative Director: Quyền Vũ
Project Manager: Tracy Nguyễn
Design Lead: PH Siêu
Graphic Designer: Vũ Tâm, Wilson Huy
Illustrations: Wilson Huy
Motion Design: Tiến Đạt
3D Design: Tiến Đạt
Content Writer: Đoàn Phát, Vũ Huy


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