Vietnam Access America

Inspiration for the next generation

Client Dean JSC Vietnam
Industry Finance & Investment
Location Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Year 2021
Scope of Works Brand Consultancy & Brand Identity Design


VAA – Immigration investment opportunity for everyone

Your American dream can be realized in many different ways, but starting from scratch is not the preferred option that everyone wants to experience.

VAA was born with the mission to bring everyone the opportunity to invest in US immigration professionally, effectively, and with great potential. As an enterprise with 100% investment capital from USA corporations, the VAA team is always willing to advise and support investors at any time – in building a long-term settlement plan for the whole family. The completed process is built on a solid economic foundation and guarantees promising personal careers for the next generation.


trinh bay du an VAA 1 2 

Logo concept: New Life. New Future.

The logo design is inspired by the image from the airplane window, symbolizing the right investment of parents in the future of their children, and for the whole family simultaneously. The sunbeams are both highlight and an image representing a whole new life with a bright future being unfolded. It conveys the meaning that choosing to invest in the EB-5 package with VAA is a very wise move, which helps you get out of your comfort zone to prepare for a better future.

Immigration investment brand and the journey of a logo redesign

“Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value.” Sir Ken Robinson once said about creativity. We convey this philosophy in every project we do.

We not only focus on aesthetics, but we also aim for effectiveness. To our team, identity design is meant to be the connection between our clients and their customers. At its highest level, the identity will spread the brand values.

Vietnam Access America is such a great example.

Brand Overall

Founded in 2009 with 100% investment capital from the US, Vietnam Access America (VAA) is a company specializing in the field of Financial Consultant. They operate in many countries, such as the US, Australia, and Canada.

VAA will be the guarantor of the credibility, quality, and long-term potential of every investment with the advantages of resources, humans, and experience

With the motto All for tomorrow and besides, there is also a great belief among VAA that the customers’ interests are also the company’s interests. VAA is confident to become the companion of every Vietnamese family on the way to investing in the next generation’s career based on a stable family economy.

The handshake with Vu Digital

One day at the end of December of 2020, Vu suddenly received direct contact from a representative of the VAA company. The Vu team soon understood the needs and sympathized with the VAA’s concerns.

VAA board members have long been aware of the importance of brand building and how content and images would convey brand values and meanings. This approach is also the path that Vu’s team has always followed, and that’s why VAA’s leaders can immediately trust and decide to start implementing the project.

Project Brief: redesign the logo of VAA

Target Audience: Young couples with children

Requirements: the design must show VAA’s story and core values & convey the image of a financial investment consultant company.

Initial Concepts

trinh bay du an VAA 2 1 Our creative mood boards – where initial ideas appeared. 

The brand problems are guidelines that we use in every project. We are eager to explore the root causes that our clients are facing. Afterward, we creatively solve problems with both responsibility and passion.

There are two big problems. First, Vietnamese are familiar with the “EB-5 Immigrant Investment” package but do not understand its meaning thoroughly. Second, VAA failed to prove how they are different compared to illegal companies.

What can we do to become international citizens? Study, travel, marriage. Many people would answer. Besides the risks of illegal activity, those ways also take away many of our benefits.

For these reasons, the logo of the VAA brand must remove all the elements related to travel, study abroad, or education style. Stimunanously, the logo must be closely related to the financial investment factor, which is the company’s strength.

Concept Development

After considering many different concepts, we developed the image of an airplane window, combined with sunray patterns.

trinh bay du an VAA 4 Vu Digital designer’s sketches

Why window? We envisioned the moment when families were about to land at the airport and start their new lives. Why sunray? One of the most delicate times traveling by plane was to witness the sun appear with sunlight, which gives us hope and beliefs.

You may say that the oval shape with thorny details would give the audience some annoyed feelings. When combining two contrast elements, the purpose was to imply that our customers are ready to go beyond their comfort zone and break the barriers.

Final Logo Concept

“Quality in a product or service is not what the supplier puts in. It is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for.” Peter Drucker.

trinh bay du an VAA 1 VAA Team and Vu Digital are discussing logo options

The VAA brand logo design product also encountered many difficulties in the early stages. We did not reach an agreement on the structure as well as the components in the design. However, with the spirit of the market and the willingness to change, Vu’s team perfectly told the story of the VAA brand – through the final approved logo design.

The design immediately received positive feedback from the VAA brand and was quickly applied in the brand identity chain in both images and publications.

We believe success in design is not about forcing clients to think that what we are doing is right. The final design must combine the results from the background experience of clients with Vu’s expertise and ability.


Client: Dean JSC
Thank you for all your assistance
Mr. Dean, Ms Diep Thanh Vuong, Mr. Jason Nguyen, Ms. Uyen Phung
Agency: Vũ Digital
Timeline: 2020-2021 
Graphic Designer: Nguyễn Vinh Quang, PH Siêu
Content Writer: Đoàn Phát 
Project Manager: Tracy Nguyễn
Motion Graphic: PH Siêu
Mechanic Helper: Hà Nguyễn 
Creative Director: Quyền Vũ