Brand identity is a collection of cognitive and emotional factors built by the brand development team to enhance identifying and creating loyal customers.

There, emotional feeling perception is the thing that immediately influences consumers’ emotions since the first approach to increase brand awareness through products. The sense of reason perception is only available when the consumer has spent a long enough time owning, experiencing, and evaluating the function and value of the product.

It can be compared that emotional awareness is like the first days of love. The two sides exchange sweet and romantic words, which is the communication capacity of the brand. Meanwhile, rational awareness is the time to recognize both the bright and dark sides of married life. Brands must have a good identity, a high level of recognition, and the ability to build positive perceptions to keep their “partners” around.

The above definition will divide the elements that make up a brand’s identity into two groups.

Sensory perception includes:

Brand vision and mission
Brand slogan and tagline
Brand promise

The sense of reason perception includes:

Brand value
Brand Equity
Brand features
Brand story

Building a brand identity prepares for a future when new competitors emerge, offering a more unique, better quality brand and product line. However, consumers still choose to support and stay loyal to your brand.