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Before any critical event takes place, we often jokingly say that we should try to prepare ourselves for a beautiful soul. But for branding in general, chasing emotional factors alone is not enough to elevate and affirm the brand’s position in the market.

Instead, a brand that wants to develop vigorously and sustainably needs a really scientific and systematic strategy. Brand strategy is a plan that a brand or business will implement to gradually improve its competitiveness and capture market share to affirm its brand position.

But in fact, domestic enterprises face many barriers, even serious mistakes, leading to limitations in strategy formulation and implementation. The following can be mentioned:

  • Do not go into details: many brands are too “greedy.” Instead of attacking a particular group of potential customers, they want to turn themselves into a multi-purpose brand and are ready to stick loyally with them.
  • Please don’t care about customers’ problems: consumers always choose to stick with a brand that understands and creates products to solve their problems instead of flaunting and being forever immersed in far-fetched values.
  • Focusing too much on short-term benefits: revenue or profit are factors that ensure the viability of a brand, but to transform itself into a big brand, bringing more value to customers and the community does not.

It is essential to know each brand strategy will have many different tactics to follow and develop that strategy well. You don’t have to be ultimately successful with each of your tactics. Just doing about 60% of the tactics is close to the absolute success of a brand strategy.

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