Guerrilla marketing is a term that first appeared in the book Guerrilla Marketing, written in 1984 by American author Jay Conrad Levinson. Guerrilla marketing is inspired by the “guerrilla” style when advertising ideas and solutions are boldly expressed, going beyond the imagination of the masses to make an impression at first sight.

The pinnacle of guerrilla marketing is word of mouth because there’s no more effective means of spreading the word than getting everyone to talk about your campaign. Therefore, guerrilla marketing is rising to overtake many traditional solutions such as TV, Email marketing, press releases, or flyers.

The advantage of guerrilla marketing is that you can start with all different investment costs because the core of guerrilla marketing is a bold idea, not “pumping money” into the pocket of a third party. On the contrary, the biggest drawback of this solution is that sometimes bold statements are not expressed clearly and in detail. This leads to many misleading interpretations and conclusions from the target group you want to reach.

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