Building positive consumer attitudes with inbound marketing

Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing is a move that many modern businesses and brands are still constantly pursuing to build and promote customers’ positive consumer behavior based on trust.

The importance of Outbound Marketing cannot be denied, even though this is a costly method of spreading brand information with substantial and specific positive effects.

However, the formation and development of Inbound Marketing have given businesses more choices in approaching and navigating the consumer behavior of potential customers. The foundation of Inbound Marketing is trust. Companies and brands constantly spread positive values to customers.

In turn, potential customers may not sign a contract or make a purchase decision from the brand right away. But one thing is for sure, they will return someday when all the right factors between the customer and the brand are satisfied.

Some common characteristics of inbound marketing:

  • The first time costs a lot of money, but the future helps brands optimize costs thanks to long-term links and extensive coverage through word of mouth.
  • Much of it is done and deployed on online media, taking content marketing as the core to build trust from customers.
  • Businesses focus on product experience, prioritizing practicality and potential customer satisfaction over following the crowd.
  • Two-way communication with customers instead of one-way like Outbound Marketing, thanks to stimulating curiosity and arousing interest in finding customers’ information.