Communication is a term in communication, helping a person build personal prestige and trust in the community through what he says and does. The history of communication began in Greek mythology when Pheidippides – a young man, jogged from Marathon, Greece, to Athens to announce the victory of the Greek army over the Persians.

Through many ups and downs and generations of humanity, communication has evolved and branched into many different transmission mediums. From the traditional words, images, or writing to the modern and more technologically imprinted such as email, television, or text messages.

Like in the branding process, we were building any media plan that required internal communications. We were taking the company’s human resources team as the foundation for shaping, preserving, and transmitting the best values of brand communication.

Thereby creating many methods and values of mass communication and building brand reputation in communication with customers. Not only stopping at the correctness of the information being spread, but the business and the brand team also need to invest in the brand tone.