Remember, any brand only has a maximum of 3 seconds to attract curiosity from consumers. Once fully meeting the above requirements, packaging design and the deep empathy that the brand design team wants for the company’s leadership will immediately bring about effects and many benefits—positive feedback from the market.

If that is also all your business is looking for, to serve many upcoming projects and branding strategies. Please get in touch with Vu immediately.

Three packaging design standards at Vu Digital

  1. Fine art, impressive and attractive

If visually, the packaging design does not capture all the eyes, the packaging will go unnoticed, easily forgotten.

Vu applies many visual principles and behavioral psychology to build attraction and impression.

Convince customers with sensory perception.

  1. Content, clear message

Once the impression is achieved and attracts customers’ attention, the content and messages shown on the packaging will help customers once again be convinced.

Convince customers by rational perception.

  1. Apps, easy word of mouth

Take a minute and think, how many packages can you name?

At Vu, we are well aware of this; we make it easy to name and spread by word of mouth for every design.

Convince customers by inter-subjective perception