SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – translated as Optimizing on search engines. In the Vietnamese market and most other countries worldwide, the most popular search engine using SEO techniques must be Google.

Of course, many other popular search engines exist Yahoo, Bing, or Coc Coc. Even some leading social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram are recognized as effective means of finding information.

However, SEO and Google have always been two names closely associated with each other, so much so that it is assumed that the most significant task of the SEO team is to bring the brand name to the top position on the first page. Google.

So, what benefits have SEO been bringing to the brand image and marketing campaign in general?

Increase brand awareness and strengthen product reputation.
From the view that the information the brand provides is very reliable.
Increase conversion rates to boost sales as well as profit from sales.
Marketing in a sustainable and friendly way to the right consumers in need.
Training marketing capacity in general, from sketching customer portraits and doing market research to creating positive, scientific, and effective.

Brand SEO to increase conversion rates and speed up the progress of every marketing campaign is not a simple task. Besides the cost, time, and abundant resources, business leaders also need the active companion of a branding team.

They are the most effective and sustainable bridge, helping businesses understand and put themselves in the mind of each potential customer.