Create tagline/slogan and journey to find the brand difference

In the survey process, learn to come to the end goal of finding empathy with your customers. Vu realizes that one detail always makes many domestic businesses and brands hesitate, wonder, or even lead to mistakes.

There is confusion between the two concepts Tagline and Slogan. In modern media, the concept of Slogan is widely used and pervasive to the point of the bluff.

It should be known that the Slogan is just a representative of a communication campaign, advertising the brand for a short time.

On the contrary, a Tagline represents a brand, business, or even an individual that is contributing to the success of the business.

Saying that is not to lower the value and applicability of the Slogan. If the Tagline represents the brand, the Slogan is the symbol for that brand’s image, tone, and culture.

Tagline or Slogan make a difference for the brand in every communication campaign. It is the highlight that shows the characteristics and identity of any brand.

Finally, in every systematic, scientific, and effective branding campaign. We will realize that Tagline and Slogan are both more or less related to brand DNA. Includes brand identity, personality, positioning, and operating philosophy.

  1. Difference

The tagline/slogan is unique, memorable, and stands out from the competition.

  1. Makes sense

Tagline/slogan conveys the brand’s essence, evokes an image, and fosters a positive emotional connection.

  1. Easy to pronounce

People can easily explain, say, spell, or Google about taglines/slogans easily.

  1. Can protect

You can register for protection at the National Office of Intellectual Property.

  1. Concise

Tagline/slogan Creative dance is usually less than eight words, making it easy to remember.

  1. Display well with all font sizes

Tagline/slogan is short and easy to apply in many situations.