Transforming a local business into a modern international brand
Client Tân Mỹ Hạnh Co., Ltd
Industry Steel Production
Location Dong Nai, Vietnam
Year 2020
Scope of Works Brand Strategy Consultant / Brand Identity Design


Why does a nearly two-decades-old business that has created a specific position in the market still decide to transform and re-brand?

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Stage 1: Understanding – Trust – Opportunities

In 2020, the Vu Digital team received the first contact from Tan My Hanh Co., Ltd. At that time, the company is looking for an agency to help rebuild the whole brand.

First meeting

After many considerations, Tan My Hanh arranged the first appointment at Vu’s office. During the meeting, the young leader of Tan My Hanh seemed to be very open. He frankly expressed his vision and shared the difficulties the company was still facing. Vu Digital also appreciated his spirit and ambition to reposition the brand.

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Deep inside, each person belonging to the successor class of the Tan My Hanh brand was the fire of desire. They wanted to break negative stereotypes for a family company and build a professional image for the brand.

Tan My Hanh’s purpose was to elevate its position so that the brand is known for its products’ quality, efficiency, productivity, corporate culture, and many other core values. From that perspective, our team began to detect and analyze the problems:

1/ Internal problems

The company had only operated based on the leadership ability and production capacity of employees and had neither a development orientation nor brand strategy.

The company did not standardize its corporate culture.

2/ Brand identity problems

The current brand name not only does not match the new trend in the market but also does not match the great capacity and ambition of the successor team.

The brand identity system still has many shortcomings, which we must solve to optimize the brand design and strategy results.

Second meeting

We respect business models with at least one of the following three characteristics: a brand that contributes to the country’s economic development; a brand that contributes to the economic development of each citizen; finally, the brand knows its responsibility and role in ensuring the lives of its employees. 

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Vu’s team concluded after the second meeting that Tan My Hanh cared a lot for their people. We had the chance to meet the man who would be Tan My Hanh’s next leader. Not only has a very young age, but we can also see the true love for this company and ambition to bring the brand to the world.

Third meeting

Vu’s team and Tan My Hanh’s BOD agree that this would be a “test” before the official cooperation.

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The meeting took place with a business coaching expert, and all of us were delighted that this third appointment ended with the result of absolute confidence.

Two other big businesses in the same industry went through this challenge on the same day. The factor that helped Vu succeed was “Understanding customers.” With many questions asked by the trainers, we answered in detail and pointed out the exact problem that the business was facing then.

Stage 2: Goal Setting

Before undertaking any project, we establish our own goals. The goal of this project is based on the brand DNA model, including:

Brand Strategy

•  Brand Vision 2020 – 2025

•  Brand Target

•  Competitive Advantages

•  Brand Mission

Brand Identity Design

•  Brand name

•  Logo redesign

•  Tagline

•  Brand identity system design

Corporate Culture

•  Building and promulgating the values ​​and standards of the brand’s working culture.

Business Strategy

We provided the foundation to build a brand DNA that would include the business strategy category, which was a success with advice from a global business mentioned in the third meeting.

Stage 3: Unlock Potential

With the problems identified at the first meetings, the Vu Digital solutions were an overall brand understanding strategy. The tactics applied include:

1. Brand culture survey with a system of questions set up separately.

2. Brand content evaluation

3. Discuss with the leadership team

4. Analyze the database of the brand identity system

A great thing was when we carried out the survey phase, all officers and employees at three factories encapsulated the word “Kindness,” and kindness appeared everywhere in the business. It started with the first woman founder, which made us realize that success started from kindness. Here, there and everywhere.

By the end of the survey, we understood the brand culture and what to update and add as we worked on this rebranding project.

Stage 4: Results

tamyha 5

The final result is a Tamyha branding strategy 2020-2025 with the following contents:

1. Rename brand name to Tamyha

Tamyha is an abbreviation of Tan My Hanh, shortened to only six letters and three syllables, making it easy to pronounce and integrate.

2. Brand Vision: “The system of corrugated iron and steel factories throughout Vietnam.”

With the strength of 17 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and processing corrugated iron and steel, the optimization and encapsulation of models and systems of corrugated iron and steel factories are the brand’s strengths. Therefore the vision is in line with the brand’s capacity and is a distinct and robust destination in the Vietnamese market.

3. The mission of the Tamyha brand is divided into four specific groups, including:

•  For the market: Providing quality corrugated iron products, always listening and meeting the needs of consumers.

•  For society: Properly performing social responsibilities. The production process must be environmentally friendly.

•  For customers and partners: “Cooperation for mutual development” is the guiding principle, aiming for a strong future and promoting the development of Vietnam’s steel sheet industry.

•   For employees: The motto “Together under one roof” is reflected in all jobs, creating a close and close workplace, and treating employees as family members.

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  • Logo: Tamyha brand logo uses the abstracts method. The logo conveys messages about structure, inheritance, sustainability, industry, and development.
  • Slogan: Ý chí thép Việt, Tole tạo tương lai 

Ý chí (Will): Show perseverance and resilience to overcome all difficulties. According to the Jews, the will is considered the secret of success.

Thép (Steel): Steel here means hardness, hard to destroy. The will that goes with steel shows certainty in the actions of every decision made.

Ý chí thép Việt (The Will of Vietnamese Steels): Tamyha aims to maintain its position in the Vietnamese market and, simultaneously, develop a stronger and more successful brand.

Tole: Tole means corrugated iron in Vietnamese and is a corrugated iron product that Tamyha serves for all projects, thereby creating the uniqueness of Tamyha’s brand. Taking “tole” as a tagline is also reminiscent of the roots from the early days of Tan My Hanh Co., Ltd. used this word to highlight products for the brand, and Tamyha today will continue to inherit development for future generations.

Tole tạo tương lai (Tole Creates The Future): Always reminding Tamyha of its vision and mission to become a system of steel and coil manufacturing factories throughout Vietnam, Tamyha will be the future.

tamyha 8

4. Visual design elements

An important thing when Vu researched the corrugated iron and steel industry was that many brands lost the opportunity to provide their products and services simply because they did not inform their values to everyone.

tamyha 7

Therefore, we create and transform the products the brand offers into basic geometries, bringing them together to become a transparent identity signal, which goes along well with the content of all products.



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Let’s build something together

Client: Tân Mỹ Hạnh
Agency: Vũ Digital
Timeline: 2020-2021 
Designer: Nguyễn Vinh Quang, PH Siêu
Content writer: Đoàn Phát 
Project Manager: Tracy Nguyễn
Animation: Tâm Nguyễn
Mechanic Helper: Hà Nguyễn 
Research: Châu Nguyễn, Cường Đỗ, Thanh Nguyễn, Trần Nguyên Thục Vy
Photography: Vũ Studio
Creative Director: Quyền Vũ
Brand strategy consulting: Quyền Vũ