Tram Anh Antique

Discover how we use the Fire Phoenix as the brand's mascot

Client Tram Anh Antique
Industry Interior Design & Decoration
Location Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Year 2019
Scope of Works Brand Consultant & Brand Identity System Design

Symbol of Phoenix – Tram Anh Antique.

Tram Anh is a brand that provides European-style Classic Decorations.

Vu Digital has completed the logo and identification system with the Phoenix concept.

According to myths, the Phoenix is an immortal bird because every time it dies, it is reborn from the ashes. This mythical creature is said to have originated from Greek mythology. Immortality symbolizes eternity, closely related to Tram Anh, as the brand’s business products will be eternal with time.

The Phoenix also appeared on the flags of Alexander Ypsilantis and many other officers during the Hellenistic Revolution (1821-1831). It symbolized the revival of Greece and was chosen as the first Greek coat of arms by John Capodistria (1828-1832). The architecture of ancient Greece is also part of European architecture. 

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