When coming to Vu, there are customers from those with the most liberal and modern way of thinking who always believe in the effectiveness of the traditional approach.

All are concerned that I am not a big man in the market, even just on the threshold of starting a business. Should I “spend” on the design of the identity?

However, Vu has always believed that the most significant advantage of leading big brands was born too early. It was so early that each brand only needed to choose a different direction or segment to become a unique person on its path.

Meanwhile, there are still benefits that come from a professional and effective identity that all businesses, large and small, can “share” with each other, such as:

Confidently position its products in the high-end segment and leave behind the endless price war.

Significantly increase your profit margin when you can price your products higher than your competitors.

Finally, when you’ve decided to go and collaborate with any branding team. Make sure to choose understanding over compliance and companion over responsibility. The most important thing is to select efficiency as a priority instead of putting in front of you the “drawing cakes” of aesthetic elements, which are a must-have condition.