Brand naming and countless difficulties businesses are facing

Vu always encourages many of his corporate clients that if you want to build a good brand, first create a good product. Many of them have asked this question, is your product of such high quality but not a good product?

Vu would like to reaffirm that what you said is accurate, but unfortunately, it is not enough. Because a good product is like a good person. We humans can’t just look at each other’s family background, position, or income level and choose how to behave. A reasonable person is to be completely good or always ready to admit mistakes and improve outstanding shortcomings.

A good product or a good brand, too, depends on many other factors besides the sheer quality of the product. One of those critical factors we cannot forget to mention is the brand name. Why?

  • Brand name is something that lies deep in the customer’s perception
  • When having a positive conversation about any brand, customers always mention the name of the brand regularly
  • Beside the slogan or tagline, the brand name is the most concise representation of the brand image and reputation expressed in words.

So why is it that among so many other options on the market, which are more optimal in terms of both process and service fees, but corporate customers still trust Vu? Is it because Vu’s team is not aiming for a beautiful name or too flowery?

Instead, our priority is towards creating an effective brand name. Too, in many different ways, contribute directly to the ability to build a reputation and develop brand awareness, bringing lasting value based on brand loyalty instead of abusing emotional factors



06 brand naming standards in Vu:

1. Difference

The brand name is unique, memorable, and stands out from the competition.

2. Makes sense

A brand name communicates the essence of your brand, evokes an image, and fosters a positive emotional connection.

3. Easy to pronounce

People can easily explain, say, spell, or Google about the brand easily.

4. Can protect

Can register trademarks, easily register domain names.

5. Concise

Less than 8 letters and two syllables, making it easy to memorize.

6. Ease of development

Brand names can evolve with the company, being adapted for different products and brand extensions.