A lesson came from the old Volvo car brand when they chose Chriselle Lim – a Korean-born YouTube famous for fashion and parenting, to become an influencer for a new product.

The decision immediately brought in millions of adverse reactions from Lim fans and loyal Volvo customers. The image of a YouTuber about life and sharing motherhood experiences, appearing next to a Volvo car with obvious advertising purposes, has brought a lack of trust.

From there, we can draw lessons in choosing and deciding to cooperate with an influencer marketing as follows:

Choose the most suitable and deserving person, not the most famous person.

Give each influencer a chance to share exactly what they know.

Pay attention to the reaction from the target audience, feel and understand their perspective to choose the appropriate influencer.

After all, your business and brand alone are not enough to build the connections, trust, and positive partnerships that come from millions of different influencers. Let Vu’s team do the complex and challenging process for you.

Influencer marketing service in Vu provides 4 requirements:

  • Search for KOL/Influencer that matches the campaign orientation and requirements
  • Become a bridge between the brand and KOL/Influencer to plan the implementation
  • Control process and cooperation progress of KOL/Influencer
  • Report on implementation results