The starting point of the website is not to sell, nor was it born to help brands diversify many channels to reach different customers. Starting to appear in the early 90s, a simple website was born with the task of sharing and spreading information to everyone.

But with the emergence and development of many social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. Website is now more than just a means of conveying information or a sales channel that helps brands reach users in many different ways. Website design is also a way for businesses to show their diligence, meticulousness, and professionalism as a must-have “brand personality.”

So, what are the prerequisites and play the most crucial role in persuading business leaders to spend a large amount of money to invest in website design?

  • Provide complete business information in visual and written language.
  • Emotionally connect with customers with brand messages conveyed.
  • Increase the level of authority by consistently having a good position on the Google search engine.
  • Sell directly to potential customers without going through intermediaries.
  • Build positive return-to-site behavior instead of confusing customers with too many options on social networks.

To fully satisfy the above website design factors and standards, along with the need to find an effective website design team ready to empathize, understand, and long-term parallel with the brand. Please contact Vu’s team immediately.